Lives On

by ROT

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released October 19, 2016

Additional vocals by:

Half-price Hancock

Bass on The Shepherd and Dagger Fist by Adam Keenan
Guitar on Dagger Fist by Rowan MacLean
Lyrics and vocals on My Time Has Come by Oskar Fairlamb
Album art by Joel Hammonds

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige

Thanks Gareth


tags: punk Melbourne


all rights reserved


ROT Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: It Started
I know how it started, but there's nowhere for the blame
Ready to run, ready to fail, ready for it to end
Don't waste your words, with irreverent sympathy
When it's done, you're soon forgotten but I will live on
Track Name: The Swarm
The swarm it swallows me
Everything fucking ripped from me
It eats my life away
My skin and bone, this putrid disease
There's tragedy in sight and no escape, we've run out of time
When will the fever stop
My bloodied hands can't do anymore

The swarm lives on
We all fucking rot

I'm full of pride, I've swallowed every last
Memory I've had of feeling you're right here beside me
You're the cancer shredding my last chance of getting anywhere
That resembles some form of happiness

The swarm lives on
Track Name: Judgement
Why are we running in circles again?
My patience is tested but you still pretend
My voice falls on deaf ears, ready to give up
How can you question if I've had enough?

Rethink your judgements
Before you fail
Only speak what you can achieve
Maybe then we will see you prevail
Track Name: Forgotten
I've left behind again
I'm left here having to pretend I'm not the person I want to be
My thoughts get twisted when you ask me how I'm doing
And you give the feeling that's what you need

Get out of my head you're digging deeper inhaling my apathy
Looking down on me like your slave
Never again will I be forgotten
Track Name: Hypocrite
It's good to see your true colours finally bubbling to the surface
You wore the mask and I was very blind to see you siphon every drop of blood and being left inside of me
You're convinced that you're a martyr but your intentions are very thinly veiled
The heads have turned so far they're on the brink of shattering
You drew me in so well I didn't see it happening

Every fibre of you excretes hypocrisy
One day you'll realise and it will be too late
Track Name: Tarnished
This can't be it / and forever
We're still running / ground is breaking
Severed anchors / dreams are tarnished
Reaching for hands / none left behind
Fires burning / fingers melting
Thoughts are shattered / losing contact
Empty voices / this is over
Incoherent / how did I fail?

Save yourself from the memory
There's nothing there to believe
Track Name: Irreverent
Scars left on my heart won't heal
Until you're ready to accept
This chaos is underfed
Reaching forth into crisis
How many more sacrifices?

Preparing for annihilation
The most at home I've ever felt
Track Name: My Time Has Come
My time has come my life has come and everyone is thinking

And everything is wild
And one thing is dragons

Dragons freak the city
And everything is not wild

But it's wild again
Take the time

My time has come
Track Name: Empty
Chemicals burning through my veins
Leaving me poisoned and empty inside
This hollow place sucks the life from me
Tell my mum, seriously, I tried
I thought there was no way to come back
No way to wake up from this daze
And maybe I'll never find out
I'll just keep denying myself til the end
I'm empty
Track Name: Curb Stomp
Your heel is resting on the back of my neck
Show me your ego, pull the trigger
You're as weak as the ones you dismiss
Now's your chance to show me how you have changed

My blood stains the curb
Just end it now, your eyes are empty
We're at the end of where you seek
But you're so gutless, soulless, void
Track Name: Desperation
I can see the desperation burning through your face
Just take a breath and realise that this is not a fucking race
I know why you are here, to suck the life from anyone
You're treading water, lungs are filling, lights are dimming, time has come.

You know that you're not hidden
Every one can see your sins
And quietly they're writing you off
Leaving you to walk alone
You have brought this on yourself
Track Name: Same
I'm running fast but I don't feel I'm getting anywhere
Aim for the surface but I just can't catch my breath
My head and chest are pounding
It feels like my skins about to tear
My eyes are wide open
I'm living in my own nightmare

I've been thinking all the same things wishing I could change things
But I can never seem to commit
I've been thinking all the same things wishing I could change things
But I can never take that first step
Track Name: Dagger Fist
Dagger fist is ripping through this putrid city
Tearing me apart, limb from limb
I'm praying that I make it out alive

How did it end up as me?
I'm stuck here grasping for anything
Why can't I be left on my own?
Fighting to catch my last breath
My hands are down to the bone
I'm struggling to stray from the light

Can't you see the desperation in my eyes?
They're barely open, I am fucking black inside
Rotting every memory I've ever had
Somehow you've fucking burnt me from the inside out

So fucking kill me dagger fist
Cos I"m already fucking dead
Track Name: Vague
There is no way I'm going back to where it started from
The hollow heads don't need company
The same could be said for myself but that's a choice I make
Forever striving to cut the strings that have me held back

I can't be born in hell because I'm dying to go home
Why do I seek pain and misery?
Too stubborn to move on, too proud to carry on
Wasting my time not taking the steps I need to get back on track.

Life smasher lives on in all of us